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What is your Pelvic Floor and why do you need to exercise it?

Normal Pelvic Floor

Your pelvic floor muscle is actually a series of strong, flexible muscles that support your bladder, womb and bowel. These muscles are rooted from back to front and side to side, rather like a hammock. Every step, jump, laugh, cough and sneeze we make puts pressure on our organs and our pelvic floor. With so many aspects of day to day life applying pressure on our pelvic floor, it is important that this muscle area is strong and in good condition. These muscles hold up 19 lbs of organs and also help maintain normal bladder control.


Weak Pelvic Floor

Your Pelvic Floor is a muscle and, like all voluntary muscles, it needs regular exercise to keep it strong. With age, excess weight, pregnancy, menopause, post surgery, bad habits or even good habits, including lots of high impact sports, your Pelvic Floor may become stretched and weak.

When this happens your internal organs are not fully supported; you may experience diminished sensation during intercourse and embarrassing issues with lack of control of your bladder.

You might find that you start waking up in the night or that you have to rush home when shopping or commuting. Or you might find that if you laugh, cough or do vigorous exercise, that a tiny bit of moisture leaks out. You may find your sex life is less satisfying for both you and your partner or that you have diminished sensation.

These are the early signs to warn you that you need to take action. It is never too early or too late to start exercising your pelvic floor.