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At Athena Feminine Technologies we are dedicated to improving a woman’s quality of life worldwide by providing products that address female pelvic and reproductive health concerns.

Who Is It For?

The Athena Pelvic Muscle Trainer is designed for three types of women who want freedom from urinary leaks: Athletic women who exercise strenuously, mothers with new born babies, and senior women who are post-menopause.

The Athena Pelvic Muscle Trainer enables you to strengthen your pelvic muscles in the privacy and convenience of your own home.

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The Athena PMT

The Athena Pelvic Muscle Trainer® is the only patented-wireless Pelvic Floor Electrical Stimulation (PFES) device that delivers mild electrical stimulation to the pelvic floor muscles to make them contract and relax. It automatically does Kegels for you.

With no wires, external tubes, or bulky devices, the Athena PMT is discreet, simple, and convenient.

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Womans Pelvic Health

Your Pelvic Floor muscles need regular exercise to keep them strong. With age, excess weight, pregnancy, menopause, post-surgery, bad habits or even good habits, including lots of high impact sports, your Pelvic Floor may become stretched and weak.

The Athena Pelvic Muscle Trainer naturally strengthens the pelvic floor and has no side-effects!

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